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Holiday Decorations Contest

The goal of the Holiday Decorations Contest is to recognize the efforts of Hopkinsville residents and businesses that encourage community pride and holiday spirit.


  • Best Decorated Residence: One award given per city ward (12 awards total). Hopkinsville Beautification Commission members will select the winning residence from their ward from the list of nominees. If no residences are nominated for a specific ward, commission members may select a winner of their choosing. Award is based on use of decorations, creativity, lighting and theme. A residence may not receive the award for 2 consecutive years.
  • Best Decorated Business: One award given from nominated businesses. Business must be located in Hopkinsville city limits and own a business license. A committee will review the nominations to select the winner. Award is based on use of decorations, creativity, lighting and theme. A business may not receive the award for 2 consecutive years.

2020 Holiday Decoration Contest Winners
Congratulations to all of our winners! 

Ward 1: 1204 Howell Street
Ward 2: 910 Adams Avenue, Matthew and Jennifer Hilton
Ward 3: 1156 Sanderson Drive, Jarrod Cavinder
Ward 4: 800 Oak Hurst Drive
Ward 5: 1110 Black Oak Court, Sam and Jill Richardson
Ward 6: 120 S. Sunset Circle, Thomas and Stephanie Estes
Ward 7: 103 James Drive, Joe and Elizabeth Sutryk
Ward 8: 803 Sivley Rd, Cameron Farmer
Ward 9: 206 Fairview Drive, Phillip Mathis
Ward 10: 2000 S. Main Street, John and Jeri Richardson
Ward 11: 2803 Canton Street, Julia Doyle
Ward 12: 2011 S. Main Street, Robert Martin
Business: Southern Exposure

2019 Holiday Decoration Contest Winners

Ward 1: 208 Avalon Boulevard; Mark and Wanda Martin
Ward 2: 206 Hilltop Drive; Ronnie and Patty Overton
Ward 3: 208 Oriole Drive; Darryl Lacy and Kim Rogers
Ward 4: 208 Wayne Drive; Jennifer Diaz
Ward 5: 1329 Shallow Lake Circle; Wade Kadel
Ward 6: 319 Tremont Drive; Troy and Tammy Moore
Ward 7: 506 Holiday Park Drive; Joseph and Kelly Braswell
Ward 8: 2751 Clinton Circle; Christina Eison
Ward 9: 2006 McHenry Drive; Jimmy and Linda White
Ward 10: 408 Cherilyn Circle; Jack Dresel
Ward 11: 2509 Camilla Drive; Joanne Green
Ward 12: 1910 S. Main Street; Tim and Nathalie Griffey
Commercial Business Winner:  323 E. 9th Street; Brawner’s on 9th

2018 Holiday Decoration Contest Winners

Ward 1: Catherine Weston, 1408 Summit Street
Ward 2: John Collins, 926 Owen Drive
Ward 3: Karen Lewis, 1135 Sanderson Drive
Ward 4: Jack and Velma Crawford, 800 Bluebird Ct.
Ward 5: Sam Richardson, 1110 Black Oak Ct.
Ward 6: Douglas Matthew Scott, 921 Springmont Dr.
Ward 7: Philip Tillman, 385 Martin Place
Ward 8: Donald and Starla Abernathy, 417 Lucky Debonair
Ward 9: Carolyn and Kent Sutton, 1203 Cates Street
Ward 10: Steve and Carole Keel, 2414 S. Main Street
Ward 11: Jeff and Jill Radford, 2613 Florence St.
Ward 12: Barbara Sholar, 1922 South Main Street
Commercial Business Winner: J. Schrecker Jewelry, 909 S. Main Street

2017 Holiday Decoration Contest Winners

Ward 1: Homer Shehorn, Jr., 444 McLean Avenue
Ward 2: Landis Groves, 210 Adams Ave.
Ward 3: Jarrod Cavinder, 1156 Sanderson Drive
Ward 4: Devin & Elizabeth Brumfield, 617 Deepwood Drive
Ward 5: Chuck Juul, 1704 Acorn Way
Ward 6: John H. Fowler, 315 Tremont Drive
Ward 7: Betty Howard, 3218 Circle Drive
Ward 8: George & Nettie Williams, 292 Fairview
Ward 9: Shane and Aubrie Pollock, 2712 Cayce Meade Dr.
Ward 10: Griffith and Amy Watkins, 157 Alumni Avenue
Ward 11: Philip Burkhead, 6011 Wainwright Drive
Ward 12: Jack & Ruth Elliot, 2015 S. Main Street 
Commercial Business Winner: Brawner’s on East 9th 


2016 Holiday Decoration Contest Winners

Ward 1: Linda White, 1506 E. 1st Street
Ward 2: John Collins, 926 Owen Drive
Ward 3: Roger and Susie Simmoneau, 203 Oriole Drive
Ward 4: Lisa and Kevin Brasher, 802 Bluebird Court
Ward 5: Linda Blankenship, 1055 Pyle Lane
Ward 6: Troy and Tammy Moore, 319 Tremont Drive
Ward 7: Larry and Sharon Walston, 366 Martin Place
Ward 8: Lori Clark & Parrish Sutton, 202 Country Club Lane
Ward 9: Annie and John Mabre, 153 Alumni Avenue
Ward 10: Jarron Bolton and Jessica Parker, 138 Latham Avenue
Ward 11: Kevin and Keri Williams , 216 Benjamin Lane
Ward 12: Robert Martin, 2011 South Main Street
Commercial Business Winner: Chick Fil’A 

2015 Holiday Decoration Contest Winners

Ward 1: Carry Drew, 1529 E. 7th Street
Ward 2: Carl and Cheryl Bumphus, 212 Talbert Drive
Ward 3: Darryl Lacy, 208 Oriole Drive
Ward 4: Chuck and Cathy Henderson, 114 Windsor Drive
Ward 5: Karl and Sondra Kreger 1708 Ivy Lynn Ct
Ward 6: Douglas Scott, 921 Springmont
Ward 7: Philip and Beth Tillman, 385 Martin Place
Ward 8: James C. and Patsy Chambers, 305 Jennie Lane
Ward 9: Roger Hinrichs, 208 Morningside Drive
Ward 10: Steve and Sandy Carlton, 141 Alumni Avenue
Ward 11: Lucian and Jean Gant, 127 Hill Street
Ward 12: Laurel & Lawrence King-Davis, 1925 South Main St.
Commercial Business: H & R Agri-Power