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Landlord/Tenant Rights

If you would like to file a complaint against your landlord for failing to maintain the rental unit according to the local Basic Property Maintenance Code (BPMC), you must first inform your landlord in writing of the suspected property maintenance violations. Examples of written notice include a letter, email, or text message. Your landlord then has 7 days to respond before you may file a complaint with Community and Development Services (CDS), unless the suspected violation concerns a life safety issue then report to CDS or Fire Department immediately. You must keep a copy of the written complaint to your landlord for your records and to provide to CDS. After 7 days have passed without resolution of the issue, call CDS at (270) 887-4285 or visit our office at 710 South Main Street. Click here for more information including a Basic Housing Standards Checklist, Rental Housing Guide, and a Complaint/Inspection Consent Form.

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