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Residential Services

CURBSIDE RESIDENTIAL GARBAGE COLLECTION is provided once each week on an established day for each household in the city limits.  Each household is assigned one 95/96-gallon container for collection.  Containers shall be placed at the curb in front of the residence no sooner than 24 hours in advance of scheduled pickup and should be removed from the curb by 8:00 p.m. on the day of pickup.  Containers not placed at the curb by the allocated time on the day of pickup and missed by crews, may not be serviced until the next week, or may be charged and addition service fee if a return trip is requested.

All household garbage is to be placed in an approved and covered container and not on the ground.  Households that exceed the capacity of the assigned container should call HSWE for information concerning disposal of excess garbage.

Residents should follow the instructions imprinted on the lid of the cart concerning what is acceptable to be placed in the container and for cleaning instructions.   Containers damaged through customer abuse are repaired or replaced by HSWE at the customer’s expense.

Backyard collection of household garbage is available for exempted residents.  Please call HSWE at (270) 887-6245 for information. 

RESIDENTIAL TRASH COLLECTION is provided once each week and normally on the same day as garbage collection.  The amount of trash collected each week is limited to two (2) cubic yards (3’ X 3’ X 6’) or the approximate size of a couch.  Trash should be placed at the curb in front of the residence at the same location as garbage collection.  Trash includes but is not limited to building or remodeling material, appliances, furniture, clothing, carpet, drapes, mattresses, etc.  All loose material such as clothing should be boxed or in bags and should not exceed what one person can lift.

There is a $15.00 charge for appliance pickup.  Appliances include refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, water heaters, stoves, washers, dryers, etc.

SPOTTER CONTAINERS are available to residents desiring to dispose of large amounts of trash.  There is a $50 delivery charge for use of the container and the customer is responsible for whatever the disposal cost is for the material. Please call HSWE for information concerning spotters.

GREEN WASTE includes tree limbs, shrubs and lawn clippings and is picked up weekly based upon crew availability.  There is no limit in the amount of Green Waste that can be disposed of by a resident.  Green waste should be placed in front of the residence separate from trash.  Lawn clippings and leaves should be bagged in compostable bags only.  Compostable bags are available at local retailers or call HSWE for availability.

CONTRACTORS that provide services to residents are responsible for the disposal of waste resulting from the service they provide. This includes green waste or remodeling material.  This waste should not be placed at the curb for pickup.  Containers are available for use by contractors by contacting HSWE.  All contractors providing services in the city limits of Hopkinsville are required to have a city business license.

MEDICAL WASTE shall not be disposed of through the residential collection system.  Medical waste is hazardous and must be disposed of in an approved process.  Instructions for disposal should be obtained from the supplier or retailer of the product used. 

LEAF COLLECTION typically begins the first Monday in November.  HSWE crews will make two complete passes through the city and will usually finish collection by the first Friday in January.  Leaves should be placed at the curb with no limbs, trash, or rocks mixed with them.  Leaves should not be placed on sidewalks, in the street or gutters, or in drainage ditches.  Residents that desire to dispose of their leaves before leaf crews come through their area, may purchase  compostable bags.  HSWE will pick up leaves placed in compostable bags within 48 hours of being called by the resident.  Leaves placed in plastic bags or leaf and lawn bags, will not be picked up, until crews get to that area. 

Changes in service due to Holidays or emergencies will be announced through this website, WHOP and WKDZ.